The PDN 1 on 1 business Mentoring partnership

1-on-1 business Mentoring partnership, with Steve Colley.

How do you fancy being Mentored by a successful Property Developer with over 23 years of experience?
My name is Steve Colley and I am the founder of the Property Development Network and Property Development online.

As well as my popular online networking events and online course, I also provide 1 on 1 Mentoring with individuals whom I believe have the capacity to become successful developers.

This program is designed to provide you with all the knowledge, connections and support you will need to become a successful Property Developer and is provided exclusively by myself. however, it is not open to everyone. You will need to convince me that you have the ability and focus to succeed.

Therefore, If you are interested then you will need to do the following;-

Firstly, take the time to read the Mentoring program content below.
If the content interests you, I would ask you to send me a motivational email to detailing the following:-

1. Highlight your areas of strength

2. Highlight the key areas of weakness where you feel you would need the most support

3. Provide some detail on what you see as your key objectives in starting this program. This can be fairly general or detailed, the important thing is simply to be clear as this will help me to understand whether or not I feel I can support you in achieving these goals.

4. If I feel you would make a suitable candidate I will contact you to discuss the next steps.

It is important to note that I only take on a few mentees each year and that places will be limited according to my workload.


The focus of this mentoring program is very much on taking action!

I will ensure that you personally receive from me all the training and support you need to go out and work confidently as a property developer.

I will do this by training you on everything I believe you need to know. I will show you how to find and assess your projects, as well as introduce you to my investor network, finance specialists and my other powerful professionals who will help support you too.

We will meet-up every month for a full day (8:30 am-5 pm) either face to face or by video conferencing if necessary (social distancing) and will also be organising trips to networking events.

Each Mentoring day will start at 8:30 and finish at 5:00 pm.

In addition to the full days’ support, you will have access to me by telephone, email or message 7 days a week, whenever you need the support. I offer this as I fully understand that this is the type of relationship you would have with a business partner. I also believe it is important that you are supported when you need it the most.

Here are some of the amazing things we will be covering during the 12-month Mentoring program.

Property development – The important basics

• I will show you my amazing life as a property developer and how you need to ‘own’ the role.
• I will explain to you how the ‘Find-Renovate-sell-Make profit’ strategy works and train you personally on how to make the big money.
• I will teach you the essential communication and sales skills you will need to become a successful developer.
• I will be sharing my tips to improve your ‘money attitude and mindset’ for property development and its key role?
• I will explain some great cash flow solutions whilst you are developing.

Property developer systems that work & preparing you for your success

• I will share with you all the systems and tools that I use daily in my business.
• How brand and image is important in order to be a developer and to build credibility in your business.
• How to use social media to find investors and projects.
• I will teach you the best ways to set-up your company
• I will provide you with detailed help and support on your strategy and business plan

Finding quality projects that make money

• I will show you how best to spend your time when looking for projects?
• Full training on the best types of project to focus on?
• I will share with you the latest project sourcing techniques.

How to assess a project like a pro

• Key areas of focus when assessing a new deal
• The importance of using a professional appraisal tool
• How to work out your profit margin like a pro
• Learn how to work out your costs so you never go over budget.
• I will provide you with a professional appraisal tool to assess your projects and teach you how to use it.
• You will learn how to easily calculate how much to offer on your projects so that you never pay too much.

How to correctly assess the condition of a project at the viewing stage

• What to look out for when determining the cost of works
• Common problems with older buildings
• Many other expert tips on how to get the costs right

The 7 strategies of property development

• How to flip for profit
• Making money with Permitted development projects and commercial conversions
• Wealth training with Planning gain
• Back-to-back and no money down projects
• Refresh projects as a strategy
• Larger scale renovations
• Major development projects

Equity – Using your own money and how to find and work with Investors.

• Using your own money to fund your projects and leverage
• How to find and use other people’s money to fund your projects
• How to find quality investors easily
• The 10-rule template of how to attract investors
• How to use crowdfunding to fund your projects
• Access to our investor network

Debt – Options for raising your project finance

• Understanding how property development finance works
• The power and correct use of leverage
• What are the criteria of the development finance companies?
• When to use a bridging loan for your deals
• Development finance options
• Mezzanine finance & other options

How to become a master networker like me

• I will teach you how to focus network for the best results at every meeting
• I will show you how to get out of your comfort zone when networking for amazing results
• I will prepare you to be perfect and effective at your networking meetings
• I will share with you the best networking events where you will find investors and other high-level contacts

How to create your own amazing professional team (often referred to as a power team)

• I will introduce you to my high-level power team of professionals.
• I will show you where to find your team members?

Listening and speaking skills – these sessions are amazingly powerful for your business!

• Understand the benefits of developing your listening and speaking skills.
• I will teach you proven techniques on how to improve your listening skills.
• I will show you how to improve your speaking skills for both better communication and public speaking (for video or social media)
• I will help you to adopt the right mindset and how to promote a positive image and attitude.

Planning permission and new builds and how to reap big rewards.

• Planning permission and how does it work in practice
• How to make money using planning gain as a strategy
• The massive benefits of using a planning consultant
• We will examine what types of projects need planning & which do not
• We will explain the benefits and drawbacks of changes of use
• ‘Listed buildings’ fully explained
• You will learn how to discharge your planning conditions
• How to use the planning system in order to make money
• We will teach you the whole planning application process and how and when to appeal

Building regulations explained

• what are building regulations and how will they affect you?
• We also take you through the regulation process from A-Z

Project management and deal structure

• Main contractors V General builders
• JCT contract explained
• How to create a schedule of works
• JV agreements

This Mentoring program is designed for action takers, not course junkies as I will be personally holding you accountable on your progress each month.

It is suitable for you providing you feel comfortable and motivated to purchase a project within the next 12 months.

I look forward to receiving your email.
Warm regards,
Steve Colley