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This brand new online course has been specially designed to show you how to find, assess, purchase property in the current housing market, with the objective of adding value and making a profit. It Includes:

Over 10 hours of video tuition

Exclusive, member-only access to a monthly 4-hour webinar on Property Development

Access to 32 in-depth written modules

100 written articles added each per month to keep you up to date plus access to our archives.

professional deal analyser plus a 3-hour instruction video on how to use it like a pro

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Recognising the new opportunities in the Post Corona housing market

  • How to recognise the opportunities in a new market?
  • Learn how to Exploit with speed and intelligence
  • Due diligence x 10
  • Learnt the latest top tips on the do's and don'ts of the new world market

Choosing the right building team for your project

  • What Are the Differences between general builders and Main Contractors
  • What factors to examine before choosing a construction company for your project
  • Cost considerations before choosing between the main contractor and general builder

How to create a legally binding contract with your building team

  • How to create a contract between you and your building team
  • JCT contracts explained and when to use them
  • The benefits of using a contract

Protecting your projects – Insurance

  • A clear understanding of how construction insurance works
  • The risks of underinsuring
  • The 10-year warranty
  • Party wall insurance explained
  • When to use a structural warranty
  • What is contents renovation insurance?

Health and safety Regulations (CDM)

  • The importance of implementing a health and safety plan
  • The regulations concerning CDM
  • Your responsibilities as the Developer
  • Our health and safety checklist

Procurement and tendering explained

  • What is Procurement and how does it work?
  • Types of traditional contract explained
  • When and how to use procurement for your projects
  • Benefits of having a proper contract with your build team
  • How does the tendering process work?

Q & A’s (with in-depth answers)

  • What is practical completion?
  • What is an instruction?
  • What is meant by 'Specification' in construction?
  • What are the common mistakes you can find on building drawings?
  • What is considered ‘snagging’?
  • What is a cost consultant?
  • What is a cost plan for a project?
  • What are the rules for reservation agreements for potential buyers?

What are the various project reports and surveys?

  • An in-depth explanation on the various reports and surveys needed for a project including, soil, damp and timber, ecological, topographical, Bill of quantities, Asbestos, Acoustic tests, Flood risk assessments, and Contaminated land survey

Architects and RIBA

  • The role your Architect can play in your projects
  • The RIBA stages explained
  • An Architects fee structure

French Property development

  • Everything you need to know about buying and selling property in France
  • How to purchase a property in France?
  • The legal system explained
  • When do you need planning?
  • Real-life case studies of developed projects

Joint Ventures in Property Development.

  • What Are Property Joint Ventures?
  • The Basics about JV’s
  • What is the most common JV agreement profit split?
  • The ideal JV partner?
  • The importance of a Joint Venture agreement
  • Tax considerations for choice of JV structure
  • Decision making and deadlock

The importance of selling and communication skills for Developers

  • Understand networking can improve your communication skills
  • A good understanding of sales and communication skills
  • A good understanding of your negotiation skills
  • The use of Psychological selling princlples

The Importance of Interior Design and Dressing a Show Home

Level 1
  • The importance of interior design.
  • What is interior design and dressing a show home.
  • How good interior design contributes to developer profits.
  • How to add value and improve your credibility

How to use our professional deal analyser (includes a 3 hour video tutorial)

  • Learn how to work out your profit like a pro!
  • We provide you with a professional deal analyser to assess your projects.
  • We will teach you how to use our deal analyser for your deals.
  • Includes over 3 hours video tutorial.
  • Learn how to risk-mitigate by understanding your financial costs

Listening, speaking and mindset skills

  • Understand listening and speaking skills.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • improve your speaking skills,
  • Adopt the right mindset and promote a positive attitude.

Building regulations explained

Level 1
  • what are building regulations and how will they affect you?
  • We also take you through the regulation process from A-Z.

Property development – Getting started

Level 1
  • The life of a property developer explained
  • The principles of how to ‘Find-Renovate-sell-Make Money’.
  • The communication skills you will need to become a successful developer.
  • Do you have the right attitude for property development?
  • Cash flow problems and solutions.

The 7 ways to make money in property development

Level 1
  • How to flip for profit
  • Making money with Permitted development projects
  • Wealth training with Planning gain
  • Back-to-back and no money down projects
  • Refresh projects as a strategy
  • Large scale or major development projects
  • Commercial conversions explained

How to create a team of powerful contacts

Level 1
  • The importance of creating a power team.
  • Who should be in your team and why.
  • Where to find your team members?
  • Exclusive access to our amazing power team.

Equity – Using your own money and how to find and work with Investors.

Level 1
  • Debt and equity explained
  • How to use your own money to fund your projects
  • How to use other people’s money to fund your projects
  • How to find investors
  • Attracting money and investors
  • Alternative equity options explained

Debt – Options for raising your project finance

Level 1
  • Understanding how property development finance works
  • The power and correct use of leverage
  • What is the criteria of the development finance companies
  • When to use a bridging loan for your deals
  • Development finance options
  • Mezzanine finance & other options

Become a master networker

Level 1
  • We will teach you how to focus network for the best results
  • We will show you how to get out of your comfort zone when networking
  • We will prepare you to be amazing at your networking meetings
  • We will share with you the best networking events
  • Our networking tips come from experienced and successful developers

Getting organised & how to systemise your Property business

Level 1
  • We will share with you the systems and tools that successful property developers use.
  • How to create and use brand and image to maximum gain in your business.
  • How to use social media as a property developer
  • How to become a great communicator
  • How to develop amazing listening & speaking skills
  • How to set-up your company
  • Detailed help on your strategy

How to work successfully with estate agents

Level 1
  • How much time should you spend looking for projects with Estate agents
  • How to Build relationships with Estate agents and other professionals.
  • Proven methods on how to find new, profitable projects shared by other property developers
  • The different Agents and different markets explained

The Financial Conduct Authority

Level 1
  • Understand the rules & regulations laid down by UK law.
  • Definition of sophisticated and high net worth investors.
  • The rules and regulations surrounding investor protection.
  • Investor definitions and template investor declaration.

How to buy at auctions for profit

Level 1
  • How to easily assess and how to bid through auctions
  • How does a property auction work?
  • How to prepare before an auction and on the day.
  • Understand the costs of an Auction
  • How to find an Auction

Finding great projects and sourcing tecniques

Level 1
  • How to use networking events for deal sourcing
  • Zoopla and Rightmove for deal sourcing
  • How to use social media for deal sourcing

An introduction to finding new projects

Level 1
  • How much time should you spend looking for projects
  • What are the types of project to focus on.
  • What should a project look like?
  • What are the best areas to look for projects?

Due diligence

Level 1
  • Key areas of focus when assessing a new deal
  • The importance of using a professional appraisal tool
  • How to work out your profit margin

Assessing the condition of a new project

Level 1
  • How to analyse potential project at the viewing stage
  • What to look out for when determining the cost of works
  • Common problems with older buildings
  • Expert tips from successful developers

How to use Planning permission as a developer

Level 2
  • Planning permission and how does it work in practice
  • You will learn how to use planning policy as a developer
  • We will examine what types of projects need planning & which do not
  • We will explain the benefits and drawbacks of changes of use
  • 'Listed buildings' fully explained
  • You will learn how to discharge your planning conditions
  • How to use the planning system in order to make money
  • We will teach you the whole planning application process and how and when to appeal

The legal system for property developers

Level 1
  • We explain in detail the Conveyancing process in buying and selling
  • You will learn about when to exchang & when to complete on a purchase.
  • We will share how you can save thousands of pounds by understanding how the legal system works for developers.
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