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Joint Ventures in Property Development.

  • What Are Property Joint Ventures?
  • The Basics about JV’s
  • What is the most common JV agreement profit split?
  • The ideal JV partner?
  • The importance of a Joint Venture agreement
  • Tax considerations for choice of JV structure
  • Decision making and deadlock

The Importance of Interior Design and Dressing a Show Home

Level 1
  • The importance of interior design.
  • What is interior design and dressing a show home.
  • How good interior design contributes to developer profits.

How to use our In-depth Analysis Tool ( IDA )

  • Learn how to work out your profit like a pro!
  • We provide you with a professional appraisal tool to assess your projects.
  • We will teach you how to use our In-depth Appraisal tool for your deals.
  • You will learn how to easy calculate how much to offer on your projects.

Listening, speaking and mindset skills

  • Understand listening and speaking skills.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • improve your speaking skills,
  • Adopt the right mindset and promote a positive attitude.

Building regulations explained

Level 1
  • what are building regulations and how will they affect you?
  • We also take you through the regulation process from A-Z.

Property development – An introduction

Level 1
  • The life of a property developer explained
  • The principles of how to ‘Find-Renovate-sell-Make Money’.
  • The communication skills you will need to become a successful developer.
  • Do you have the right attitude for property development?
  • Cash flow problems and solutions.

The 7 ways to make money in property development

Level 1
  • How to flip for profit
  • Making money with Permitted development projects
  • Wealth training with Planning gain
  • Back-to-back and no money down projects
  • Refresh projects as a strategy
  • Large scale or major development projects
  • Title-splitting for a big bonus

How to create your own amazing power team

Level 1
  • The importance of creating a power team.
  • Who should be in your team and why.
  • Where to find your team members?
  • Exclusive access to our amazing power team.

Equity – Using your own money and how to find and work with Investors.

Level 1
  • Using your own money to fund your projects
  • How to find and use other people’s money to fund your projects
  • How to find quality investors easily
  • How to attract investors
  • How to use crowdfunding to fund your projects

Debt – Options for raising your project finance

Level 1
  • Understanding how property development finance works
  • The power and correct use of leverage
  • What is the criteria of the development finance companies
  • When to use a bridging loan for your deals
  • Development finance options
  • Mezzanine finance & other options

Become a master networker

Level 1
  • We will teach you how to focus network for the best results
  • We will show you how to get out of your comfort zone when networking
  • We will prepare you to be amazing at your networking meetings
  • We will share with you the best networking events
  • Our networking tips come from experienced and sucessful developers

Property developer systems that work & preparing for your success

Level 1
  • We will share with you the systems and tools that successful property developers use.
  • How to create and use brand and image to maximum gain in your business.
  • How to use social media as a property developer
  • How to become a great communicator
  • How to develop amazing listening & speaking skills
  • How to set-up your company
  • Detailed help on your strategy

How to find your projects through estate agents

Level 1
  • How much time should you spend looking for projects with Estate agents
  • How to Build relationships with Estate agents and other professionals.
  • Other proven methods on how to find new, profitable projects shared by other property developers

The Financial Conduct Authority

Level 1
  • Understand the rules & regulations laid down by UK law.
  • Definition of sophisticated and high net worth investors.
  • The rules and regulations surrounding investor protection.
  • Investor definitions and template investor declaration.

How to be a successful developer at auction

Level 1
  • How to easily assess and how to bid through auctions
  • How does a property auction work?
  • How to prepare before an auction and on the day.

Project sourcing teqniques

Level 1
  • How to find effectively deals through mail drops/knocking on doors
  • How to use networking events for deal sourcing
  • The correct use of Zoopla and Rightmove
  • How to use social media for deal sourcing

Video library

Level 1
  • How to find effectively deals through mail drops/knocking on doors
  • How to use networking events for deal sourcing
  • The correct use of Zoopla and Rightmove
  • How to use social media for deal sourcing

An introduction to finding new projects

Level 1
  • How much time should you spend looking for projects
  • What are the types of project to focus on.
  • What should a project look like?
  • What are the best ares to look for projects?

Due diligence

Level 1
  • Key areas of focus when assessing a new deal
  • The importance of using a professional appraisal tool
  • How to work out your profit margin

Assessing the condition of a new project

Level 1
  • How to analyse potential project at the viewing stage
  • What to look out for when determining the cost of works
  • Common problems with older buildings
  • Expert tips from successful developers

Permitted development and commercial to residential development

Level 2
  • We explain in detail permitted development rules.
  • How to find commercial to resi projects. The key benefits of 'permitted development sites.

How to use Planning permission as a developer

Level 2
  • Planning permission and how does it work in practice
  • You will learn how to use planning policy as a developer
  • We will examine what types of projects need planning & which do not
  • We will explain the benefits and drawbacks of changes of use
  • 'Listed buildings' fully explained
  • You will learn how to discharge your planning conditions
  • How to use the planning system in order to make money
  • We will teach you the whole planning application process and how and when to appeal